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How to Set Up DKIM for Dotmailer?

DKIM is a standard authentication practice that helps domain owners verify their legitimacy and ensure the safe transfer of emails. This mitigates the risk of spam, even for forwarded emails. Email authentication is a must-have security measure that organizations are required to implement due to the rising threat of cyberattacks and brand impersonation. 

If you use Dotmailer as your email vendor, the process of enabling DKIM for Dotmailer is quite simple. You need to first set up a custom domain on Dotmailer, thereafter Dotmailer handles DKIM authentication for your purchased domains, without you having to manually set it up.

Find out how to set up a custom domain with Dotmailer

Additionally, we recommend you configure DMARC for your custom domains to secure them adequately against attacks. Start your DMARC trial by signing up for free!

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