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How to Setup DKIM for Sparkpost?

DKIM is an important authentication protocol that allows domain owners to sign their outgoing emails with a unique key that is matched against a public key that exists in their DNS during verification. In order to set up DKIM for Sparkpost, follow these steps: 

Set Up Your Domain on Sparkpost

  • Open your Sparkpost application and add a sending domain, if you haven’t already done so during registration

  • If you have registered your domain on Sparkpost, you can find all your existing domains on the Domains page 

  • Click on the domain to set up DKIM verification

  • On the Domain Details page scroll down to DNS verification and copy the DKIM record value and hostname 

  • Login to your DNS management console and publish the record. It can take up to 24-48 hours for the record to be effective after publishing. 

Verify Your Domain on Sparkpost

  • Click on the verify button at the bottom of the page after you are done publishing the DKIM record in the DNS. 

  • You will receive a confirmation from Sparkpost that your domain has been successfully verified. 

Finally, look up and validate your DKIM record using our free DKIM record lookup tool.

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