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How to Set Up DKIM for Campaign Monitor?

These instructions will help you to set up DKIM on a domain of your choice for the Campaign Monitor SMTP sender:

  • Log in to your Campaign Monitor account 

  • Navigate to your profile image at the top right corner of the screen

  • Select Account Settings

  • On the Account Settings page click on Sending Domains > Add Domain

  • While adding a new domain, in the name field enter a valid domain name

  • Once done, press Continue

NotePlease remember that Campaign Monitor allows you to only authenticate your registered and owned domains. They will send you a warning if you attempt to authenticate a generic domain that you don’t own. 

  • As you press Continue, Campaign Monitor generates a DKIM TXT record for your domain

  • Open your DNS management console to publish this record and save changes or contact your DNS hosting provider to do it for you

  • Wait for 72 hours for your DNS to render the changes 

  • Once done, log back into your Campaign Monitor account and click on the Authenticate Now button corresponding to your domain name

You will receive a confirmation that your domain has been successfully authenticated with DKIM. If not, there might be an error with your record syntax or configuration. To find what these errors are use our DKIM record checker

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