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How to Set Up DKIM for Shopify?

DKIM helps you assign a hash value to your outgoing emails (private key) that are used by receiving MTAs to verify the legitimacy of senders. It’s an essential email security layer that provides domain owners with resources to verify the origin of sender’s and prevent fake emails from being sent to their customers. Learn how to set up DKIM for Shopify with our step-by-step guide. 

Enabling DKIM Signing for Custom Domains on Shopify

Firstly, you would need to verify your domains on Shopify. You can visit Shopify’s knowledge base to learn how to add a custom domain. After successfully adding and verifying your custom domain on Shopify, you will receive a confirmation message, after which you can process to set up your authentication protocols.

Note: If the domain is already added on Shopify, you will be able o spot a “Connected” status against it. In that case, you can directly move towards setting up DKIM. 

To set up DKIM for Shopify: 

  • Log in to your Shopify account as an admin

  • Navigate to the Sender email page on the portal

  • On the page, click on Authenticate 

  • This will redirect you to a new tab with instructions to publish 4 CNAME record in your domain’s DNS in order to enable DKIM for Shopify

  • Follow the instructions to visit your DNS provider’s management console and publish the records in the correct section

  • Save changes 

  • It will take your DNS 24-48 hours to process the changes, and you’re done! 

Ensure that your DKIM record is syntactically correct and valid with the help of a DKIM lookup tool. Finally, in order to start receiving reports on how your emails are performing, sign up for your DMARC analyzer today!

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