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How to Set Up DKIM for MessageLabs - Symantec (Broadcom)?


Symantec Email Security helps you get the most out of your email service by signing messages with DKIM and validating the messages coming into your system. To enable DKIM signing for your domains on Broadcom, follow the steps given below: 

  • Add a Domain key for DKIM signing by navigating to Administration > Settings > Certificates > Domain Keys

  • Now click on Domains under SMTP in the Protocol section

  • Select your desired domain name 

  • The Edit Domain page will open up. On this page, select Delivery 

  • You will be redirected to the DomainKeys Identified Mail panel. Here, click on Enable DKIM signing for messages from this domain

  • Enter your domain name in the Base Domain field, enter your DKIM selector (arbitrary alphanumeric string with a maximum of 63 characters) 

  • Open the Signing Key drop-down list and select the domain key that you want to use

  • In the Signature Expiration box choose the amount of time you want to assign to your DKIM signature till it expires. The default value is 30 days

  • Click on Generate > Save

  • Manually copy and paste the generated DKIM record in your domain’s DNS to configure DKIM for Symantec

Finally, you can look up your record using our DKIM record lookup tool, and enable DMARC for your domains with our DMARC analyzer.

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