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How to Setup DKIM for Zoho Mail?

This document aims at providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to configure DKIM for Zoho. Using DKIM for Zoho will help emails pass DMARC alignment, improve your domain reputation among ISPs, and another key benefit that you will experience is ensuring fewer chances of your emails being marked as spam.

Steps to Setup DKIM for Zoho Mail

Go through the following steps to configure DKIM directly from your Zoho Mail account: 

Generating DKIM record on Zoho

  • Log in to your Zoho mail control panel as an admin or super admin 

  • Navigate to Email Authentication and click on DKIM. The DKIM configuration opens up. 

  • Navigate to the domain ( for which you want to configure DKIM for, click on the Edit icon.

  • Choose Add Selector 

  • Add a new DKIM selector for your domain (e.g. s1) 

  • Click on Save

  • A text box will be displayed below, showing a TXT record value that includes your DKIM public key 

  • Copy this text value to publish it in your domain’s DNS

Publishing DKIM record in DNS 

  • Log in to your DNS management console

  • Create a TXT record in your DNS with the title : <selector>._domainkey.<> for example:

  • In the section allotted for the TXT record value, paste the copied contents (the DKIM TXT record value that you previously copied from the Zoho Mail control panel)

  • Click Save 

  • Lookup and validate the published DKIM DNS record using this free DKIM record lookup tool

Verifying DKIM Record Configuration on Zoho

  • Navigate back to the Add Selector page in your Zoho Mail control panel wherein you had created your DKIM record 

  • Click on Verify for the specific selector 

  • When the verification status changes to verified, a dialogue box appears asking whether you want to enable DKIM immediately or later. Click on enable DKIM immediately

  • As soon as you activate DKIM, DKIM signature will be added to all the outgoing emails sent from your domain

Enjoy a boost in email deliverability for your Zoho emails with DKIM email authentication! 

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