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DKIM Setup for Freshdesk

Note: DKIM is not applicable if you have a custom mailbox

Enabling DKIM for Freshdesk is mandatory to activate domain verification. Domain verification is indispensable if you are using the default Freshdesk server as the email communication method. This makes sure that all emails sent using Freshdesk on behalf of your domain are signed with DKIM and are DMARC compliant

Steps to Setup DKIM for Freshdesk 

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an administrator or super administrator 

  • Navigate to Admin > Support Channels > Email Settings > Advanced Settings 

  • In Advanced Settings, click on Configure DKIM

  • Freshdesk generates 4 CNAME records per domain name for DKIM configuration. Copy the records to your keyboard

  • Open your DNS management console and paste the CNAME records in the allotted section for your specific domain

  • Save changes

  • Note that your DNS would require some time to process these changes

  • Open your Freshdesk account again and click on Verify, adjacent to your domain name in the DKIM configuration page

  • You should be able to see a verified status for DKIM against your domain name if you have published the records correctly in your DNS

You can check the validity of your DKIM record with our free DKIM record lookup tool. Hope this helped you successfully enable DKIM for Freshdesk.

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