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How to Setup DKIM for Forcepoint-Websense?

If you want to enable DKIM for Forcepoint-Websense, you can follow the steps shown below on your Forcepoint account after having created the required TXT record in your domain’s DNS. Forcepoint’s DKIM configuration has three major steps:

Steps to Setup DKIM for Forcepoint-Websense

  • Creating a unique public DKIM Key value using a default selector in Forcepoint

  • Create TXT record in your domain’s DNS

  • Verify the DKIM selector and enable DKIM in Forcepoint

Creating Public DKIM key in Forcepoint 

  • Login to your Forcepoint control panel as an admin 

  • Navigate to the DKIM Signing Keys section and click on Add

  • The Add Signing Key page will open

  • In the Key Name field, enter the key name 

  • Select one of the following options for creating your key:

- Generate key (default) to create the private key (only 1024 bit supported)

- Private key to enter a key you already created (paste into entry box)

  • Click on OK to create the public key 

  • Once created, publish the key in your domain’s DNS by logging into your DNS management console and adding the TXT record. Save the record and wait up to 24 hours to see the changes implemented. 

  • Finally, log back into your Forcepoint account and verify your DKIM selector and click on Enable to activate DKIM for forcepoint 

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