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How to Setup DKIM for SMTP2GO?

All emails sent through SMTP2GO are now automatically signed with DKIM if you don’t manually add your sender domains. This means that your email receivers would receive your emails to be coming from instead of your domain name. This can cause confusion and reduce email deliverability. 

Why Should I Add Sender Domains to SMTP2GO for DKIM

By enabling Sender Domains for DKIM, you will be able to use your domain (sent from:  for your email address instead of, which will make it easier for your receivers to identify you. Additionally, your emails will be sent DKIM signed and you can enable DMARC so that any domains that send a message on behalf of your domain have to send authenticated emails that pass DMARC alignment.

Click here to learn about how to add sender domains on SMTP2GO 

NoteOnce you add your sender domains, SMTP2GO automatically signs your outgoing emails with DKIM without you having to configure the protocol or activate it manually. 

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