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How to Setup SPF for SMTP2GO?

To allow SMTP2GO to send emails on your behalf you will have to add them to your SPF record. When you edit your SPF record the name of the organization will be used to match sending email servers into our system which is checked against SPF records.

Adding Sender Domains on SMTP2GO

  • Sign in to your SMTP2GO control panel

  • On the left-hand menu navigate to Settings and click on Sender Domains

  • The Sender Domains page will open up

  •  Enter the domains you send email from in the input field.

  • You will now see a CNAME record being displayed that you will need to publish on your domain’s DNS. 

Setting up the DNS Record

  • Open a new tab and login to your DNS management control panel.

  •  Navigate to the correct section to create a new DNS record

  • Select your resource type: CNAME

  • Simply paste the values displayed in the Sender Domains section of your SMTP2GO control panel

  • Save changes 

DNS Record Verification

  • Log back into your SMTP2GO control panel 

  • Check to confirm if the domain has a Verified status being displayed next to it

  • In case you can’t see a verified status, there may be errors in your CNAME record. 

Note: Once you add your sender domains, SMTP2GO handles SPF configuration for your domains on their own, without any input from your side. 

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