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How to Setup SPF for Mandrill?

If you want to make sure Mandrill is authorized to send emails on behalf of your domain, to ensure seamless email delivery you need to configure SPF for Mandrill. Read on to learn how you can do so easily without the need for technical support. 

Steps to Setup SPF for Mandrill 

Add your domains to mandrill: 

  • First off you need to add your domain to mandrill 

  • Open your mandrill account and go to Settings > Domains

  • Enter your domain name and click on Add button

SPF Setup

  • Login to your Mandrill account 

  • You will be able to see the domain you have been sending emails from, in your account. Click on View SPF settings 

  • The SPF record that you need to publish in your DNS will be provided below. 

In case you don’t have an SPF record beforehand, publish the following in your DNS: 

v=spf1 ~all 

In case you do have a pre-existing SPF record for your domain, simply add the mechanism to your previous record as shown below: 

v=spf1 ~all 

Save changes. It will take up to 24 hours for your DNS to process these changes. 

Note: By default, mandrill displays their own address as a part of your email’s Return-path address while sending out emails. This can be changed by creating custom return-path domains in Mandrill. 

To do this, 

  • You need to create a CNAME record for a custom subdomain ( that points towards, in your DNS. You can use any tracking domain to serve the purpose but mandrill recommends creating a unique subdomain. 

  • To save the custom return-path domain, navigate to Settings > Tracking & Return Path Domains

  • Click on Test DNS Settings to validate the settings for the subdomain you added


Once you add the return-path domain, you can configure it to be applied to messages globally.

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