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How to Set Up SPF for Dotmailer?

SPF authentication helps you verify email sending sources, and check their authenticity, with the help of a preconfigured list of domains and IP addresses defined in your DNS. If you have an email domain that you use to exchange information to and from your organization, SPF, along with DKIM and DMARC can help protect your data from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. 

Setting up SPF for Dotmailer

In order to enable SPF for Dotmailer, all you need to do is set up your custom domain. Thereafter, Dotmailer takes the responsibility of SPF authentication for all outgoing emails sent using the configured custom domain. You don’t have to put in the effort to manually implement SPF for Dotmailer. 

How to Set Up Your Custom Domain with Dotmailer? 

You can go about it in two ways: 

  1. You can purchase a new custom domain on Dotmailer and outsource the management responsibility to them if you don’t want to use an existing subdomain

  2. You can manually set up an alias for a pre-existing domain/subdomain on Dotmailer to use as your custom From address

Setting up a custom domain can have several advantages. Suppose you want to send marketing emails to your clients using Dotmailer. The email would appear to come from, which the receiver may fail to recognize and thereby ignore, or worse still, it may land in the receiver’s spam folder. 

A custom domain (e.g: helps domain owners configure an email alias or a brand new From address with their brand name that is easily recognizable in client inboxes. 

To Purchase a custom domain on Dotmailer: 

  • Login to your Dotmailer account 

  • Navigate to Campaigns > Advanced Features > From addresses 

  • Click on the Purchase new address button

  • On the Purchase address page, you can either: 1) purchase a new domain 2) purchase an alias for an existing domain 

  • Fill on your specifications on this page and click on the purchase address/purchase alias button

  • After setting up your custom branded domain, finish the domain verification process to ensure your domain is successfully registered and operational

Dotmailer manages SPF authentication for custom domains purchased through them. However, SPF isn’t effective in preventing spoofing attacks. Implement DMARC at your organization today to secure your domain: start a free DMARC trial now! 

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