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How to Setup DKIM for Hetzner/Xneelo?

DKIM is an email authentication practice that can help you verify if your message was modified by cyber attackers during transmission. Here’s how you can enable Hetzne/Xneelo DKIM: 

DKIM Xneelo/Hetzner Configuration Steps

  • Log in to access your Xneelo cPanel

  • Click on “Product” from the left menu bar

  • Click on the domain you want to enable DKIM for

  • Select Manage DNS under Domain Tools 

  • Click on +Add Record button

  • Add your record in the following format: 






Your hostname provided to you by Xneelo(Hetzner)


The DKIM record value provided to you by Xneelo(Hetzner)

Note: If your domains are hosted by a different provider (other than Xneelo) you need to get in touch with them to update your DNS settings. Xneelo can provide you with the records to supply to your provider for this setup. 

You can easily check your Xneelo DKIM implementation by using our fee DKIM checker tool and subsequently try our DMARC analyzer for an enhanced email security experience. 

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