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How to Set Up DKIM for HaleyMarketing?


HaleyMail has already generated private and public keys for you.  It sends mail using the haleymail selector, so it won’t interfere with any existing DKIM keys you may have already configured. To implement DKIM, you need only create a new DNS record with the keys and selector we provide you with.

Steps to create a DNS Record for HaleyMarketing:

HaleyMarketing’s support will hand you over a DKIM key pair that will contain: 

  1. A DKIM public key: to be published in your public-facing DNS
  2. A DKIM private key: used by iManage to sign your outgoing emails, that is to be uploaded on their web server

Alternatively, if you are using your own servers to send emails instead of HaleyMail’s, you can generate your DKIM key pair using our free DKIM record generator tool.  

Adding DKIM for HaleyMarketing in your domain’s DNS record

1. Login to as an administrator

2. Select the Admin tab from the main navigation

3. Select the Widgets sub-tab from the Admin sub-navigation.

The information that you will need to add DKIM to your domain’s DNS record is displayed near the bottom of the page.  It is labeled "DNS Record Name" and "DNS Record Value."

4. In a second browser window, open your DNS account.
5. Copy the DNS Record Name from myHaley.  Create a new DNS TXT record, and paste the DNS Record Name as the new DNS TXT record name.
6. Copy the DNS Record Value from myHaley and paste the DNS Record Value into the new DNS TXT record.
7. Save changes to your record and wait for 48-72 hours for your DNS to process these changes .

Lookup and validate the published DKIM DNS record using our free DKIM record lookup toolEnable DMARC for your domains to protect against spoofing. Sign up for a DMARC trial today!

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