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How to Set Up DKIM for Gandimail?


Good news for all Gandimail users! While previously Gandimail didn’t support DKIM authentication for your domain, it does now. This security update is a necessary milestone in ensuring that your emails reach your clients without being tampered with or accessed by threat actors.

Activating DKIM for your domains on Gandimail

  • Log in to your Gandimail account 
  • Navigate to the “Email” tab on your domain name control panel
  • On the Emails tab, you will find a section for “Settings & Security” where you will find a DKIM activation button which would be turned off by default
  • You can toggle to activate DKIM for your domains and view your DKIM key pair 
  • Publish the DKIM public key on your DNS zone

Note: In order to activate DKIM for Gandimail your account and domain need to meet certain criteria, view what they are here.

Lookup and validate the published DKIM DNS record using our free DKIM record lookup toolEnable DMARC for your domains to protect against spoofing. Sign up for a DMARC trial today!

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