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How to enable DKIM for Communicator?


A DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) record is your domain name's digital signature. When you set up DKIM signing for your domains on MailPlus, the records confirm that each email message you send comes from a computer or server that has been authorized by you to send email messages with your domain name in the "From" field.

Enabling DKIM authentication for Communicator

  • Create a subdomain as a TXT record with the following Hostname: _domainkey.<sending domain>
  • In the value section, paste the following: o=-;
  • Create a 2nd TXT record with a Hostname: k1._domainkey.<sending domain>
  • In the value section, paste the  record value provided to you by Communicator

Note: Replace the name of the sending domain with your domain’s name that you want to enable DKIM for.

Lookup and validate the published DKIM DNS record using our free DKIM record lookup toolEnable DMARC for your domains to protect against spoofing. Sign up for a DMARC trial today!

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