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How to Set Up DKIM for MailRoute?


DKIM is a standards-based technology enabling organizations to verify that the messages they send have not changed between the time they are signed and when they are received.

Enabling DKIM for MailRoute

In case you are using MailRoute as an email sending source for your outbound emails, you need to publish the following 3 CNAME records in your domain’s DNS to enable DKIM.


Record Type

Record Value







Here mr01, mr02, and mr03 are the DKIM selectors. Note that this set of records is denoted towards domain owners with a single MailRoute account, with multiple or single domains registered under it.

Publishing records on your DNS

  1. Login to your DNS provider’s management console as the admin
  2. Navigate to the DNS records section for your individual domains 
  3. Create a TXT or CNAME record depending on the type of DKIM record provided to you
  4. Copy and paste the hostname and value
  5. Save changes to your record and wait for 48-72 hours for your DNS to process these changes 

Lookup and validate the published DKIM DNS record using this free DKIM record lookup toolEnable DMARC for your domains to protect against spoofing. Sign up for a DMARC trial today!

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