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How to Set Up DKIM for Rackspace?


DKIM is a system for authenticating emails. The first key is the public one, which is published in a TXT record in the Domain Name System (DNS). The second key, the private one, is encrypted and stored with the signature of the email. This way, it can be verified if the mail is authentic or forged.

Follow these steps to enable DKIM signing using Rackspace:

Enable DKIM for your domain on Rackspace

  • Log in to the Cloud Office Control Panel
  • Click on the Sender Authentication (DKIM) link in the Domains section of the Home Page.
  • Select the domain for which you need to enable DKIM authentication on the Sender Authentication (DKIM) page.
  • Click on the Enable DKIM button.
  • Copy the generated DKIM key pair to clipboard.

Publishing DKIM key through DNS:

  • Log in to your DNS management console
  • Create a TXT record in your DNS with the title : ._domainkey. for example:
  • In the section allotted for the TXT record value, paste the copied contents of the DKIM public key (the DKIM public and private key pair will be provided by Freshservice on request)
  • Click Save.
  • Go back to the Sender Authentication (DKIM) page and click on the Verify TXT record button to ensure all the settings are done correctly in the DNS.
  • Lookup and validate the published DKIM DNS record using this free DKIM record lookup tool

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