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How to Set Up DKIM for Freshsales?


In order to prevent your emails from being rejected or flagged, we highly recommend configuring DKIM on your domain. The protocol validates your emails and prevents unauthorized sources from sending emails on your behalf.

Enabling DKIM authentication for Freshsales

Follow these steps to enable DKIM signing for Freshsales:
First, you will need to add and verify your email domain in Freshsales,

  • Navigate to Admin Settings > Domain Verification > Click on the Add domain button
  • In the ADD DOMAIN box, type in the domain you need to add and click on the ADD button.
  • Click on the View DNS record button, in the Domain list section where your newly created domain appears.
  • The CNAME records will appear

Procedure to publish CNAME records through DNS:

  • Go to your DNS and make the following changes in your DNS records
  • Create nine CNAMEs created for your own domain name and adjacent record values generated by Freshsales for that respective domain
  • Once the records are added, in Freshsales, click Verify to verify the DNS records in the DNS records tab.
  • You will receive a success message and the status of the record will change from ‘Not verified’ to ‘Verified’, once a DNS record is verified.
  • Once all the records are verified your domain will have the status as ‘Verified’ in the domain list view.

Additionally, lookup and validate your DKIM record using a free DKIM record lookup tool to ensure that your DKIM CNAME records are devoid of errors and fully functional.

Enable DMARC for your domains by taking a free DMARC trial to stay abreast of domain spoofing and phishing attacks.

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