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How to Set Up DKIM for Mail Assure - Solarwinds?

DKIM is a technique of email authentication that detects fake sender addresses. When outgoing messages are signed with DKIM, receivers may verify that the message is from the sender it claims to be from and that the message's content has not been tampered with. To enable DKIM authentication, you have to create a DKIM signature.

Steps to Generate DKIM certificate in Mail Assure 

  1. Login to your Solarwinds control panel

  2. Select Outgoing > DKIM, in the Domain Level Control Panel.

  3. Choose a DKIM key length 

  4. Enter a DKIM selector.

  5. Then click on Generate and save new private/public pair.

  6. The AI generates your DKIM private and public key pair. The public key is to be published in your DNS, while the private key is used by Mail Assure to sign the headers of your outgoing emails.

Publishing DKIM record in DNS 

  1. Log in to your DNS management console

  2. Create a TXT record in your DNS with the title : <selector>._domainkey.<> for example:

  3. In the section allotted for the TXT record value, paste the copied contents of the DKIM public key generated by Mail Assure

  4. Click Save 

  5. Lookup and validate the published DKIM DNS record using this free DKIM record lookup tool

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