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How to Set Up DKIM for iCIMS?


DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is an email authentication method that allows the recipient to verify that an email was sent and authorized by the domain's owner by adding a digital signature attached in the header, which is secured with public-key cryptography; thus, it cannot be forged.

iCIMS recommends domain owners to enable DKIM signing for outbound emails. In this document, we will learn how to set up DKIM for iCIMS. 

Enabling DKIM signing for your domain(s) on iCIMS 

  • Contact iCIMS support to provide you with a pair of CNAME records for enabling DKIM authentication

  • Publish the pair of CNAME records provided by iCIMS in the iCIMS system’s DNS

  • iCIMS does enable automatic DKIM key rotation without you having to manually renew your key periodically to maximize security

  • As DKIM keys aren't automatically transferable to any other email domain, email domains used for sending must be specified by the owner.

Note: In the authentication request, you must identify the email domain(s) to which the DKIM key will be applied.

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