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How to Set Up DKIM for Siteground?

DomainKeys Identified Email prevents and deters against email spoofing, spam, and phishing attempts. DKIM works like a digital signature, so ISPs and major domains can trust your email, knowing it’s verified and legitimate. When you enable DKIM for your domains, the header of each email your company sends is digitally signed by a private encryption key. This way, all recipients have the option to verify exactly where an email came from.

If you use Siteground for your email transactions, DKIM is enabled for your domains by default. However, if you still want to modify your DKIM settings for your domains: 

  • Log in to your Siteground account 

  • Open Site Tools 

  • Navigate to Emails 

  • Click on Athentication > DKIM 

  • You will find an “Active” status for DKIM beside your domain names, wherein you can manually disable them or modify your DKIM settings

NoteAfter making the necessary DKIM record changes, it will take your DNS up to 72 hours to process the changes. 

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