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How to Set Up SPF for Splashthat?


An SPF record can save your domain from spam and phishing by allowing you to keep a record of your authorized sources. Tapfiliate highly recommends their customers set up SPF for their respective domains. Here’s how you do it:

  • The intended FROM address you want to configure on Splash to send emails from, e.g.
  • An unused and unique subdomain
  • Discuss if your IT team will handle auto-forwarding direct replies to emails sent from Splash or if you would like Splash to manage it 
  • If you want Splash to manage your direct replies note that they only auto-forward for email addresses using subdomains that aren't currently being used as websites

Splash will generate SPF records for you that you will need add to your DNS. After you publish the records on your DNS, Splash will complete your SPF authentication setup. 

Finally, you can look up your record using our SPF record lookup tool, and enable DMARC for your domains: take a DMARC trial.

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