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How to Set Up SPF for Moonmail?


You can enable SPF for your domains on Moonmail if you want to specify it as an authentic email sending source. This will help prevent impersonation attacks on your domain.

Domain verification on Moonmail

The first step is to verify your domains. To verify your domains on MoonMail, as a domain owner you have to add a TXT record on your DNS. To do so:

  • Log in to your domain registrar’s control panel.
  • Hover over Domains, then choose Manage.
  • Navigate to the advanced domain settings
  • Click on Edit TXT (SPF) Records.
  • Copy and paste the Host Name and value provided by Moonmail for domain verification and then save changes to the new record.

Enabling SPF on Moonmail

To set up the SPF for your domains on Moonmail you need to add a TXT record on the DNS. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your DNS management console
  • Navigate to DNS setting and DNS records
  • Add a TXT record for SPF, leaving the field for the Hostname blank, and copy-paste the record value provided by Moonmail
  • Click Save

Note: If you have an existing SPF record, then edit the existing record and add include the value provided by Moonmail in the record. Do not publish more than one record.

Finally, you can look up your record using our SPF record lookup tool, and enable DMARC for your domains: take a DMARC trial.

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