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How to Set Up SPF for Netsuite?


SPF is a simple yet powerful email authentication method that protects your domain from spam and phishing attacks. In short, it helps verify the source of email messages by identifying which server or server addresses may send emails on behalf of your domain.

Creating SPF record for Netsuite

If you are trying to create an SPF record for Netsuite, here is what we have for you:


Netsuite states that SPF alignment is not a requirement along with your DMARC policy record if you’re using Netsuite to send emails on your behalf. In normal cases, if you have DKIM for Netsuite set up already, you should be fine. This will help maximize your email’s deliverability and minimize email bounces.

However, if your email receiving server instructs that you need to set up an SPF record, only then should you consider doing so.

Unfortunately Netsuite support doesn’t provide users with the internal IP addresses used for sending emails, to include in their SPF record for authorization purposes. However, you can include a reference to Netsuite SPF in your DNS using the following domain:

You can perform a DNS lookup on this domain to get a list of Netsuite IP addresses for you to include in your record. However, make sure that you keep a tab on any updates related to Nersuite IPs (in case they change or add to their IPs) so you can optimize your record accordingly.

Have a published SPF record? Check its validity using our SPF record lookup tool. To enable DMARC for your domains: take a DMARC trial.

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