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How to Set Up SPF for Drip?

An SPF record for Drip will help you reduce spam emails and make your email experience safer. You can set up SPF for Drip easily by logging into your Drip account and setting up a custom domain and publishing a few CNAME records.

Set Up Your Custom Sending Domain

Sending emails through a custom domain helps your customers know it is you, and not spam. In order to set up a custom domain on Drip and change your sending domain:

  • Click on Change Sending Domain
  • Choose and select the custom domain you’d like to use for sending emails
  • Hit the Next button
  • Drip will send you a list of CNAME records to publish on your DNS
  • After publishing the records on your DNS, click on I’ve added these records
  • Drip then checks for the CNAME records to confirm their presence

In case your work with the following domain registrars: Amazon Web Services, Bluehost, Cloudflare, DreamHost, GoDaddy, Google Domain, HostGator, Namecheap, you can easily get your CNAME records published by contacting your provider to get access to your DNS. However, if you are working with domain registrars who do not support CNAME records, you need to contact Drip’s support team as request them for SPF and DKIM TXT records instead.

Finally, you can look up your record using our SPF record lookup tool, and enable DMARC for your domains: take a DMARC trial.

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