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How to Set Up SPF for Flexmail?

For sending emails via Flexmail, a validated email address is required which will ensure that the owner of the email address has consented to send emails from that email address. For this, Flexmail recommends that domain owners enable SPF authentication for outbound emails. Here is how you can do that: 

Follow the steps to set up sender validation in Flexmail :

  1. Login to your Flexmail account

  2. Click on Settings > Sender Validation in your account.

  3. Click on Add a new sender button to get a new address validated. Use the Resend approval email button which will appear in front of the existing email address which is not approved yet.

Note: The domain name used in the above image are examples

  1. Click on the Add a new sender button, enter the email address which needs to be validated and click on Request approval

  1. After clicking on the Request approval button a verification email will be sent where the owner of the email address can approve the validation


  1. After the domain owner clicks on the Verify my email address button in the confirmation email, you can check for a confirmation that your email has been confirmed by noticing a tick icon that appears before the email address.

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