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Hosted DKIM Configurations for Subdomains


This documentation describes the process of configuring the Hosted DKIM for subdomains on the PowerDMARC platform. To configure subdomains on Hosted DKIM, the subdomains need to be added to the platform (the subdomain auto-detection feature is not enough). Adding Subdomains for Hosted DKIM feature will count as an additional active domain and will incur additional license charges or costs as per your service contract.

Please note that we took IONOS as an example, but the same approach can be applied to any other DNS provider.

Step 1. We start from created a subdomain in your selected DNS:

Note: IONOS is used for demonstration purposes only

  1. You open your account and find your domain.

  2. In the Subdomains tab, you click Create Subdomain button and see the list of added ones.

Step 2. We add a new subdomain in the PowerDMARC platform:

  1. You log into the platform and click the Add domain button from the header, or from the Settings>Add domains page.

  2. You are redirected to the new page, where you can add a subdomain.

Step 3. From the Hosted Services> Hosted DKIM page, you select your subdomain from the created domains list.

Step 4. A new NS record detail is opened to be copied and published in your hosting service (in our case it is IONOS).

Step 5. On the hosting service page (IONOS), you click the Add record button and go to the new page to select and create an NS record.

Step 6. On the next page, you paste the Host Name value copied from PowerDMARC (_domainkey) and add a subdomain at the end (.xyz).

Step 7. You add Points to value as well and click the Save button.

Step 8. After saving, you go back to PowerDMARC>Hosted services>Hosted DKIM, find your subdomain, and click the Validate button.

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