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Google Workspace Hosted DKIM


This document covers the DKIM authentication process for Google Workspace and how it is managed in the PowerDMARC Hosted DKIM section.

Steps for configuring DKIM authentication for your Google Workspace emails:

Pre-condition: user needs to be signed into the Google Workspace console as a super administrator (Has access to all features in the Admin console) 

  1. Sign in to your Admin console (at 

  2. Navigate to the Apps>Google workspace>Gmail 

  3. Click on the Authenticate email

  4. Select the domain where you want to set up DKIM

  5. Click on the Generate new Button 

  6. In the generate new record box select your DKIM keys size the 2048 (recommended) or 1024

  7. Type prefix selector name (default is google)

  8. After selecting size and prefix selector name click on the Generate button

  9. The DKIM authentication settings updated message is shown on the Authenticate email section and the new TXT record value is generated

  10. Copy the generated value shown in the Authenticate email window and publish the Google generated DKIM key in the Hosted DKIM section. 

Note: You should copy only the selector name without the “._domainkey” sign and the TXT record value  (see the screenshot below) 

Steps for adding a Google Workspace DKIM key in Hosted DKIM section


  • Domain is added to the user's account

  • NS record copied and added to the user’s DNS

  • Hosted DKIM is validated

  Go to the Hosted Services>Hosted DKIM

  1. Select the domain 

  2. Click the Add new button

  3. In the opened modal add selector name

  4. Select sender service 

  5. Add the TXT record value in the TXT section 

  1. Click the Add Record button

  2. After adding the DKIM value in the Hosted DKIM section click the Start Authentication button on your Google Workspace setting

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