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Why am I not Receiving DMARC Aggregate/Failure (Forensic) Reports?

You may not have been receiving your DMARC RUA reports because of the following scenarios: 


  • Your DMARC record is invalid because of syntactical errors. In this case, you can look up your record and correct those errors with our DMARC record checker.

  • You have not sent any emails to your recipient since configuring DMARC reports. 

  • The email address you have specified in your DMARC record for receiving reports is no longer in use. In which case kindly modify your existing record in your DNS and add a valid email address. You can also add multiple email addresses if you want to receive reports on them. 

  • Make sure to check if your specified mailbox is blocking out your reports. Since the document is sent in XML format, ensure that your mailbox is compatible with accepting attachments in this format.  

NoteIf you are using PowerDMARC to view your DMARC reports, you wouldn’t have to worry about these complexities as we handle most of the work in the background for you with our DMARC report analyzer

 Why you haven’t received any DMARC Forensic Reports: 



  • It can be because not all email service providers support forensic reporting, and you might be using one of them. 


  • If you have it enabled for your domain and your ESP supports it, and still have not received any reports, it just means that all your outbound emails have been 100% DMARC compliant (successfully aligned against SPF/DKIM), and no spoofing attempts have been made. 



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