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How to Find My DMARC Compliant Emails?

What is DMARC Compliance? 

When your emails are DMARC compliant, they are aligned against either SPF or DKIM email authentication standards. You can achieve DMARC compliance by correctly configuring DMARC and either one or both SPF and DKIM, so even if one fails your emails will still classify to be DMARC compliant and pass DMARC authentication. It is also important to note that aligning your emails against SPF and/or DKIM is crucial to achieving DMARC compliance, simply configuring the protocols is not enough. 

NotePowerDMARC recommends you align your emails against both SPF and DKIM since DKIM helps mitigate problems in authentication that you may face during mail forwarding when the receiving server fails to authenticate the intermediary server’s IP address. 

How Do I Find My DMARC Compliant Volume?

After logging into your PowerDMARC account and registering your domains, you will be able to see the volume of emails that are DMARC compliant. You can filter by specific domains and check numerical volume as well as the percentage of DMARC compliant emails, or view all domains at once. 

Type in your domain name:

Select a date range: 

Total number of DMARC complaint emails for all your domains:

View your total numerical email volume:


View your percentage of DMARC complaint emails:

When Does the Counter Reset?

The counter for calculating the total volume of your DMARC compliant emails resets at the beginning of each calendar month. 

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