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Integrating the PowerDMARC API with SIEM: Documentation

This document outlines the steps involved in integrating our API with SIEM. You can follow the instructions given below to integrate PowerDMARC API with SIEM easily. 

API Documentation

Swagger Documentation:

Alternative Documentation:

Steps to connect:

  1. Generate a new token from the Personal Access Tokens section.

  2. Specify the permissions while generating the Personal Access Token. (Permissions can be allowed while generating new tokens as well.)

  3. Open the API documentation at in the API Settings main section.

  4. Click on the /swagger.json link, then right-click to download the API collection by saving it as "swagger.json".

  5. Open Postman and import the downloaded collection.

  6. Click on the "view more actions" button, then select "Edit".

  7. Navigate to the Authorization section and select the auth type Bearer Token.

  8. Paste the generated token in the token field and save.

  9. Navigate to the Variables section and add the baseUrl variable with the value "" under the current value.

  10. To perform your first API request, select the request you want to send and add the baseUrl variable to the request URL.

  11. In the Authorization section of the opened request, select the auth type "Inherit auth from parent". This option should be selected for further requests as well.

  12. Ensure your selected request's parameters, request headers, request URL, and body match the API documentation.

  13. Save the changes and click on the Send button.

Edit collection > Authorization section 

Edit collection > Variables section 

Request > Authorization section 

Request headers - Postman is used to auto-generate request headers. Ensure the Accept  - application/json is also included.

Request Body and Environments section

Edit collection and create a token variable

  • See the endpoints for audit logs and created baseUrl at the beginning of the URL
  • See the token variable added to the appropriate field

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