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Gradient MSP Integration with PowerDMARC


Gradient MSP (Synthesize) is a solution designed to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) grow their business through data and billing integration. PowerDMARC provides a seamless integration process for MSPs to connect their data into Gradient MSP, enabling integration with their subscription plans and active domain counts by accounts. This integration is specifically intended for MSSPs and allows them to efficiently fetch data about the PowerDMARC services it sells to its customers.

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Integration steps:

Step 1: Sign up in Gradient MSP as an MSP

To start the integration process users need to sign up in Gradient MSP as an MSP. This involves creating an account with Gradient MSP and providing the necessary information for account setup.

Step 2: Connect to PowerDMARC's Vendor Portal and Generate Partner API Key.

After signing up in Gradient MSP, users need to connect to PowerDMARC's Vendor Portal, which provides a seamless way to generate a Partner API Key. This key serves as the authentication mechanism for API calls between PowerDMARC and Gradient MSP. Users can generate the API Partner Key in the Vendor Portal and store it in their platform for further use.

Step 3: Complete Data Integration

In PowerDMARC MSSP's platform, under Integrations, there is a two-step process for successful integration. The first step is Data Integration, which involves retrieving all active accounts under the MSSP in PowerDMARC along with their active domain counts and subscription license plans. This data is then stored in Gradient MSP for further processing.

Note: Every time a new account is added an integration is necessary.

Step 4: Map Integrated Accounts

After completing the Data Integration, the next step is to map the integrated accounts with the MSP's PSA (Professional Services Automation) accounts. This mapping process helps in efficient management and tracking of accounts and domains within the MSP's system.

Step 5: Data Synchronization

At least once, users need to synchronize data from PowerDMARC's portal. This involves sending the domain counts under each account to ensure the data is up-to-date. In order to synchronize data with Gradient MSP the synchronization should be done every time an account is deleted, account status is changed, account plan is changed or domains are added/deleted/activated/deactivated within PowerDMARC.

This integration allows for efficient management and tracking of accounts and active domain counts, providing MSPs with a powerful tool to streamline their operations and grow their business.

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