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User Access Templates Feature Guide

This documentation describes the User Access feature guide for the account/user. The document includes information about the steps for creating, and editing user access templates, and assigning them to existing or newly created users.

Our User Access Template feature gives an opportunity to create user access templates based on your organizational requirements. The feature is available for the main user of the account. Once an access template is created the main user will be able to assign it while adding a new user or editing an already existing one. It will simplify the user-creating process because once created templates can be used every time a new user is added. 

Users can find User Access Templates in the settings section on the left-side menu.

User Access Templates/Resource group section 

The section includes a list of the created resource groups by the Super Admin and main user of the account. 

Note: Resources groups created by Super Admin can be viewed only and assigned while adding a new user or editing an already existing one.

Create a Resource Group page

Steps to navigate: 

  1. Go to the User Access Template section 

  2. Click on the “Create” button   

On this page, the user adds the name of the resource group and configures the resources to specify which resource should be enabled or disabled when the resource group is assigned while creating or editing a user.  

There are a few options for resource configuration: 

  • Status (Enabled/Disabled/Default) - defines whether the resource will be checked (enabled), or unchecked(disabled) when the created template will be assigned to a user. If the state is dynamic the user can change the status.

  • Default value (Enabled/Disabled) - If the Status is set to Default (see the image above) the resource will be enabled or disabled based on the Default Value. The default value is specified by the Service owner.

  • State (Dynamic/Static) - State dynamic means that the main user gets an opportunity to change the status of the resource while creating a new template (resource group).  Dynamic status affects the “user resources” table as well while creating or editing a user. The main user can change the status of the resources (checkmarks in front of resources), but in this case, the created templates should not be assigned to the user while creating or editing a user.

State static means that resources can’t be changed so the main user is not able to make changes. (see images below)

Some default resources like access to the Homepage/Dashboard or logout should be always enabled and there is no meaning to changing their status that is why the static state is used for them.


The State (Dynamic/Static) is specified by the Service Owner. 

The manage dropdown gives an opportunity to select on of the 3 options of status (Enable All, Disable All or Set to Default) 

Note: If the state of the resource is Static the resource status will not change after selecting any of the mentioned options. Cause if static is set it means that status is already defined by the Service Owner.

Steps to create the new User Access Template:

  1. Navigate to the User Access Template section 

  2. Click on the “Create” button 

  3. Enter the template name

  4. Configure resources based on your requirements by changing the status 

  5. Click on the “Create” button

  6. Verify the template is added to the Resource groups list 


The main user can edit the newly created template if it’s been created by him.

Note: When the User Access Template is already assigned to the user, every change made on the appropriate template (ex. Changing the status of a resource from enabled to disabled) will affect the user account with already the assigned template.

Steps to assign the Template to the existing user: 

  1. Navigate to the manage users section 

  2. Click on the “edit” icon 

  3. Assign User Access Template

  4. Save changes

Steps to assign the Template while adding a new user:

  1. Navigate to the manage users section

  2. Click on the “Add” button 

  3. Fill up all the required fields 

  4. Assign User Access Template

  5. Verify the resources table is disabled and appropriate resources are set as per template configuration

  6. Scroll down and Click on the “Add” button

The selected User Access Template while adding a new user

The User resources table when template is assigned 

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