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PowerDMARC PDF reporting

PowerDMARC’s detailed PDF reports can be generated for each domain and include the following domain related information: 

  1. Domain reported 
  2. DMARC deployment status
  3. DMARC policy
  4. Reporting period 
  5. DMARC Compliance overview
  6. Outbound email overview
  7. Authentication overview
  8. IP addresses abusing this domain (sorted by country)
  9. Threatmap 

You can export your own generated PDF report on demand whenever and for whatever selected time period you desire. This can be done via the following steps:

The PDF report is accessible from the Reports tab, once you open the tab you will be presented with a page that will allow you to choose your desired domain and the reporting period which could be adjusted on your selected duration. 



You are also able to schedule a report to be sent to your designated email whether on daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

You will also have the feature to set a scheduled report that will be automatically sent to your preferred email. If you want to edit the scheduled report details, under the actions columns you will be able to edit your information.

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