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Complete Guide to Scheduling DMARC PDF Reports

What are DMARC PDF Reports?

With PowerDMARC, you can convert your reports into convenient PDF documents that can be shared with your whole team. Have them scheduled to be sent to your email regularly or simply generate them on demand.

What information do DMARC PDF Reports contain? 

As a domain owner, your DMARC PDF reports are an excellent way to view your domain’s overall DMARC compliance and email flow, assess your SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication results and analyze the threats pertaining to your domain. It gives you complete visibility into your email domain with data presented in a highly organized and systematic way that is easy to understand for both technical and non-technical audiences. Given below is the table of contents of a DMARC PDF report giving you an idea about what exactly can you view through these reports: 

How to schedule your DMARC PDF Reports?

All you need to do is navigate to “Reports” in the right-hand side menu on your PowerDMARC platform, and select Basic/Detailed Reports.

You will be redirected to the Basic Reports page, wherein you can select a particular domain for which you want to schedule your DMARC PDF reports. Simply click on the + Add Schedule button. 

The Add Schedule dialog box will appear. Type in your domain for which you want to schedule your PDF reports, select the frequency of receiving these reports (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), add your desired email address on which you want these reports to be sent to and click on Save. 

You can also add multiple email addresses that you want your PDF reports to be sent to:

 You can view your scheduled reports on the platform along with your chosen criteria such as the domain name, frequency, the registered email address to which you want these reports to be sent to, the date on which you are to receive your next scheduled report, and actions. 

You can directly edit your scheduled report and choose a different frequency or email address by clicking on the edit icon under Actions: 

Alternatively, you can delete a scheduled report by clicking on the delete icon under Actions: 

How to generate DMARC PDF Reports on demand?

Apart from scheduling your PDF reports to be emailed to you from time to time, you can also generate reports on demand. All you need to do is select your domain, select your reporting period (date range for which you want to view your DMARC report results) and click on Export as PDF: 

Your DMARC PDF report will be generated as a PDF document and will automatically get downloaded on your system for you to view or share with your employees. 

When will my DMARC PDF Reports be emailed to me? 

Your DMARC PDF reports will be delivered to you at your specified email address on the next date for which they have been scheduled. You can view this date directly on the platform: 

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