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Setup Wizard

  1. Log into your PowerDMARC account

  1. If you’re logging in for the first time, you’ll be redirected to the wizard automatically. Otherwise, at the top of your dashboard you will see a small tab named "Setup Wizard", click on it.

  1. Enter your domain in the field as shown below 

  1. Move on to the next step which allows you to configure your DMARC record

  1. If you’re publishing a DMARC record for the first time, we recommend starting with a policy of none. If you want to have a different policy for your subdomains you will be able to toggle that option on. Again, it's recommended to start with a policy of none. 

  1. In the alignment mode tab, you will be able to select the alignment modes you want to configure for your SPF and DKIM. Its recommended that you keep them both as “Relaxed”

  1. In the reporting tab, the rua/ruf email fields will be pre-filled with the addresses that will route your DMARC Aggregate and Forensic reports to PowerDMARC. You need not do anything here. 

  1. And in the forensic options, you will be able to specify when you’d like forensic reports to be generated and sent to you

  1. Copy your DMARC value and click on complete setup

  1.  Make sure you publish your DMARC record on your DNS 

  2. Click on “Complete Setup” and you’ll be all set!

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