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How to Publish a DMARC Record on DirectAdmin?

Configuring DMARC for your organization can be the best thing you can do for your business. DMARC is an email authentication protocol that helps you protect your domain from BEC and impersonation attacks, while improving your email delivery rates. If your use DirectAdmin as your DNS hosting provider, you can follow these steps for your DirectAdmin DMARC setup: 

DirectAdmin DMARC Setup Guide

  • Generate your custom DMARC record for your domain using our free DMARC record generator 

  • Login to your DirectAdmin account as an administrator

  • In the domains section navigate to your domain, and click on DNS management 

  • The DNS Editor will open up

  • Click on Add to add a new DMARC TXT record 

  • In the Name field enter _dmarc 

  • In the resource type select TXT

  • In the Value field enter the DMARC record value generated for your domain, example: 

v=DMARC1; p=reject;; pct=100;

  • Hit the Save button to publish your DMARC record on DirectAdmin

NoteIt will take DirectAdmin 24-48 hours to process your record and enable DMARC authentication for your domain. Make sure you are publishing a single DMARC record per domain as more than one record will break the protocol. 

Finally, configure DMARC analyzer for your domain by signing up to view your DMARC reports and authentication results on an organized human-readable dashboard. 

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