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How to Publish Your DMARC Record on GoDaddy

Publishing DMARC record GoDaddy allows domain owners to authenticate emails sent using GoDaddy as your vendor. DMARC helps prevent attackers from impersonating your GoDaddy emails, improves deliverability, and upholds your domain's reputation. 

Steps to Publish DMARC Record GoDaddy

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account

2. Find your domain under the “My Products” tab

3. Click the “ADD” button

4. In the Type field, select TXT.

5. In the Host field, enter _dmarc.

6. In the Value TXT field, enter the record sent to you by email or generated using our DMARC record generator

7. Click the Save button. Now you have added the record!

8. Check the published GoDaddy DMARC record

Use our DMARC checker tool to validate your DMARC record. Note that the change you made in the last step might take some time to propagate in the DNS.

Steps after your GoDaddy DMARC Record is Published

1. Actively Monitor your GoDaddy DMARC reports

Reviewing and monitoring your GoDaddy DMARC report data can help you gain insights on failed email deliveries and attempted spoofing attempts. Instead of resorting to reading complicated XML data, PowerDMARC provides parsed, human-readable, comprehensive data on our DMARC report analyzer dashboard. 

2. Optimize your DMARC GoDaddy Record

Starting with a "none" policy for your record helps you stay in the monitoring-only phase without losing out on deliverability. However, optimizing your record by implementing a more stringent authentication policy like "quarantine" or "reject" will set you up to fight against email-based attacks like phishing and spoofing among others. 

3. Automate DMARC Management with PowerDMARC

Our DMARC Analyzer automates GoDaddy DMARC management by simplifying setup, generating DNS records, and continuously monitoring your domain's email authentication. It aggregates reports, offers detailed threat analysis, and presents data through a user-friendly dashboard. With real-time alerts and actionable recommendations, PowerDMARC empowers users to enhance email security efficiently and effectively.

Get started with DMARC protection today!  Contact us to take a test drive of our platform.

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