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How to publish a DMARC record?


The first step to securing your email is by publishing a DMARC record into your DNS. The following procedure illustrates the steps needed to do that: 


  1. Log into your DNS provider 
  2. Select the domain for which you wish to create a DMARC record for 
  3. Add the following record: 
    1. Type: TXT
    2. Host: _dmarc
    3. Value: enter or paste the DMARC record generated via the setup wizard or our DMARC record generator  


This should look something like this: 



  1. Check if you’ve correctly published the record using our DMARC lookup tool. 


  1. Once the record is created, you will start receiving DMARC data within 24-72 hours. 



The procedure for publishing a DMARC record on popular web hosting providers can be found here



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